Barcodes Indonesia Case Study


Increasing 60% CTR with a Barcode Provider​


Barcodes Indonesia is now one of the leading barcodes provider services in Indonesia

As a specialized ecommerce that focuses on the B2B segment, Barcode Indonesia came from South Africa to invest in Indonesia’s barcodes provider market. Arbi Click recognized their unique needs and developed an appropriate digital marketing strategy with significant results in the local market.


Barcodes Indonesia is a branch of a South African company that enters Indonesian market. This makes finding a reliable B2B leads challenging especially when it comes to translating their current knowledge and practices into a fundamentally different Indonesia’s market dynamics and cultures. 

In addition, as they are just starting to operate in a whole new market, Barcodes Indonesia is highly concerned about allocating their marketing budget as effectively and efficiently as they can.


To maximize the Return of Investment in the newly-explored Indonesian B2B market.


Increase in CTR

Search Impression Shares

Conversion Rate

How we did it

Arbi Click’s approach is started by researching Indonesia local B2B market knowledge to align Barcodes Indonesia’s features with the actual demand. We are considering their budget constraint and aim to maximize Barcodes Indonesia’s ROI as our primary marketing objectives.

Based on the research, we implemented a digital marketing strategy with a hyper-targeted Google Ads campaign, involving both search and display ads to ensure every cent counts toward the ads and able to reach the most potential audiences effectively.

Our approach resulted in positive results; as Barcodes Indonesia dominated search impression share within the last 2 months of the campaign and consistently improved conversion rate from 0.43% into 2% within 5 months.

Their words

“Arbi Click team is an absolute joy to work with. Efficient, accommodating and exceptionally comprehensive. We will definitely work together again.”

-Jacob Wolff, Barcodes Indonesia CEO