Casa Carta Case Study

26X ROAS for a Hampers Business


Casa Charta is an ecommerce SME that focuses on hand-made, personalized luxury gifts

As a family-owned business, Casa Charta has sold over 10.000 custom hampers since 2021 through their social media account. Despite being a highly segmented target and niche market in the Jakarta area, Arbi Click works quickly to gather the necessary customer insight, provide a targeted digital marketing strategy, and deliver a consistent result.


Started from a modest idea to start a business in 2021, Casa Charta launch its business from the scratch; with a big dream and a very specific target market. 

They are starting their first customer base from their families and friends to reach same-minded customers who are in need of their products. However, aside from the owner’s personal networks, there is not much demand and the sales stagnated over time.


To reach a wider customer base with similar profiles and needs in specific local areas.


Highest ROAS in recent month

Average monthly ROAS

How we did it

With the objective to extend the customer base of niche and premium market, Arbi Click formulated a specialized Meta Ads campaign for early-stage companies as the primary digital marketing solution for the newly-founded ecommerce.

Through preliminary market research, we found that Casa Charta products could be well-suited to meet the needs of the high-networth audience segment in the Jakarta area. 

We are later focusing a lead generation campaign, followed by retargeting ads to ensure the audiences are receiving the correct message in the correct time.

This success leads Casa Charta to gather valuable insights from their target audiences and empower them to expand their service into wedding gift business, effectively multiplying their monthly income.

Their words

“Arbi Click has been helping us go above and beyond in terms of sales. I never thought a boutique hampers business like ours could achieve such revenue within a short period of time!”

-Carissa Ariesta, Casa Charta Owner & Founder