How to Master Google Ads for Digital Marketing Success?

In today’s competitive ecommerce landscape, Google Ads is one of the many tools of digital marketing strategy to reach and convert potential customers. As an eCommerce business, you may have tried Google Ads yourself, either by utilizing its display network or search network.

But then, as you tried setting up and optimizing Google Ads campaigns, your traffic does not seem to increase that much; your report shows a visitor’s low time spent and high bounce rate; in addition to low click-through rates.

Seems familiar? Well, we all have been there in that boat. That’s why we created this article for you, crafted from the tried-and-true methods from yours truly Arbi Click for our eCommerce business clients so you can also replicate our success.


Checklist Your Target Audiences


The first thing that you need to look at is a checklist of your target audiences. Why, you ask? The checklist is a good starting point for any digital marketing strategy. It will help you define and understand your actual target audiences for your products and services.

Here’s some starting checklist for you to try:

  1. Customer journey (how do they get into your product?)
  2. Customer preferences (why do they choose a product over another?)
  3. Customer behavior (what they are doing when interacting with you?)
  4. Customer pain points (what do they avoid?)

It may be tedious at first and could take some trial-and-error to figure those out. But once you nailed it correctly, everything will seem to connect together and you will have an easier time to reach your most potential customers. 

Of course, should you need to save time, effort, and investment, sometimes it may be more cost-efficient to hire an experienced eCommerce Digital Marketing Agency such as Arbi Click for setting up the groundwork for you. 

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Keywords is the Key

Finding the right keywords are often tricky, especially when you’re thinking the words that your audiences will use to find your business are not the actual words that are used by your customers.

Not to mention that almost all of your competitors will also think the same thing and therefore the keywords you are aiming for are becoming much more expensive to bid, giving you no room to appear in the potential customer’s search. 

The competition for keywords could be very competitive for eCommerce business, even with the aid of keyword research tools such as Google Keyword Planner, SEMrush, Ahrefs, etc, it can still be frustrating to see which keywords could be the most effective to gather your customers.

Some other eCommerce Digital Marketing Agency might suggest increasing your budget while doing A/B testing, but here in Arbi Click we value every cent of your marketing budget so we also combined the strategy by aiming the long-tail keywords that targets specific user intents.

I mean, we were also surprised when there’s actually a lot of people out there who searched for ‘My iPhone has a black screen’ instead of ‘iPhone repair (city name)’. As a cherry on top, there is also a lot less competition for that specific keyword.

Copywriting Goes a Long Way

Lots of our clients think that copywriting is just putting the product features in the ads, then throwing it into the Google Display Network or Google Search Network while hoping for the best. Hint: almost everyone does it and no one actually reads it.

Yes, we know that visuals captivate the audiences, but copywriting is the hook that changes your audiences’ thoughts from ‘Huh?’ to ‘Aha!” 

So what makes an effective copywriting, exactly? Lots of things actually, but the most basic trick in the book is putting yourself in your customer’s shoes and thinking, ‘will I convert?’ or ‘will I actually give it a look when I see this ad?’

To put it into practice, instead of saying ‘We have the best 4K image camera resolution in the market!’ a copywriting of ‘No more blurry pictures, no more complaints’ might pique the audience’s interest more to learn about your products.

Copywriting is an art of telling your audiences that you’re on the same wavelength with your customers. This article is also how the digital marketing experts in Arbi Click tell you, the eCommerce business owners, that we understand you without saying we understand you.

Land the Landing Pages

Congratulations! You have successfully invited your potential customers into clicking your ads and now they get into the landing page or website that you created.

But that’s only half the battle, now your potential customers are browsing and looking around, they are trying to validate what makes them come to visit your stores; they could still back out anytime they want.

Which is why, for eCommerce businesses such as yourself, having a well-thought and optimized landing page is critical to meet your customers’ expectations and ending their journey not with a ‘Back’ button or close tab, but with a check-out.

We have a dedicated article about Landing Page Optimization, you may want to take a look to get Arbi Click’s tips and tricks in getting a landing page that actually converts.

Monitoring and Evaluating

You have gotten your sales, but there’s 10 others that dropped from exploring your landing page. Why?

While we are no mind readers, we can look into bits of clues from various metrics. For instances:

There is low conversion rate from your visitors? Maybe they thought your service was not as advertised.

The average order value is not as much as you expected? Maybe you are targeting the wrong market segment.

The return on ad spend is lower than 1.0? You might want to rework your ads and target audiences.

Digital Ads Agency

Digital marketing is a long-time process and learning, including Google Ads management. Luckily, Arbi Click is always here for you to serve as your digital marketing experts for eCommerce business around the globe.

Not sure about our service? Worry not, we also offer free consultation and digital marketing strategy check-up, including your Google ads and SEO marketing strategy. Just follow this link to get in touch with us.

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