Jagofon Case Study

Increase Traffic by 127% in 5 Months


Jagofon is currently the #1 Marketplace in Indonesia that specialises in secondhand gadgets; from phones, tablets, to laptops. 

Back then, Jagofon started small and struggled to get its name known in the market. The company struggled to further improve their organic traffic, especially with rapidly changing SEO landscape towards. Arbi Click decided to conduct a full SEO audit and fully revamped their SEO strategy.

After we recognized the core of their problem. we worked effectively to improve Jagofon’s presence in the digital landscape with a more suitable SEO and social media marketing strategy; gaining the traction they needed to take-off.


In Indonesia purchasing a second-hand smartphone is pretty tricky and challenging. Before the ecommerce era, the customers used to sell their used smartphones in forums and social media platforms with a high fraud rate from both the seller and buyer.

Aiming as a market disruptor, Jagofon offers an online store that offering a trusted second-hand phone but it is very hard to change the behavior of the market.


To improve Jagofon’s visibility in the market, optimize web traffic, and to reduce its cost per acquisition (previously $150 per customer).


Reduction in CPA

Non-branded keywords on Google’s first page

How we did it

Arbi Click’s digital marketing solution focused on improving Jagofon’s online visibility and customer experience

We began by researching and planning effective keywords to enhance Jagofon’s searchability and SEO rank. This made it easier for customers to find reliable second-hand smartphones as they have more options to explore.

Additionally, we also boosted online presence with backlink improvements and relevant content creation to drive organic traffic and build trust among users. With the implementation of effective Google and Meta ads, combined with specific retargeting campaigns, we don’t only captured leads but also convert them into sales efficiently.

The marketing strategy proved well as it made Jagofon more visible to the potential customer profiles and proved its trustworthiness to the potential customers; cementing its first-mover advantage in within Indonesia’s second-hand phones market.

Their words

“Arbi Click combines deep digital marketing expertise (Google Ads, FB Ads, SEO, etc) with genuine creativity, a perfect (and rare) mix in the marketing world. Their analytical mind, willingness and ability to experiment and learn, significant assets to any agency.” 

-Stephance Becquart, Jagofon CEO