How to Convert Clicks? Guide to Improve eCommerce Landing Pages

You are running a landing page for your eCommerce. A few days ago, you were looking into your landing page, all looked neat and good, ready to get some fresh hot leads for additional sales. But after a few days passed, your marketing efforts seem not as rewarded as you wanted it to be. Conversion rate is low and the visit remains stagnant.

That is the scenario that we all want to avoid, we understand. As an eCommerce Digital Marketing Agency ourselves, we have been through that a lot with our clients. Some may have a clear direction with what they want with their landing page, some just have no idea how to optimize their digital marketing strategy.

So this article is for you, either you are just starting up your start-up and ecommerce business, or you are currently looking to pull your next growth lever through digital marketing initiatives such as building a landing page to gain some new sales.

First of all, what is a landing page? A landing page is different from a Homepage, Product page, About Us page, or even Contact Us page. Landing page’s sole purpose is to lead a website visitor into a hot lead; converting them to sales in the process.

It may be confusing at the beginning. Some businesses we know even messed that up, either putting too much unnecessary distraction in the landing page or trying too hard to sell which scares their visitors away. But here in Arbi Click we can guide you through that digital marketing maze.

Guide to Landing Page Optimization


When we talk about optimization, we need to set a certain target. For example, a common eCommerce Digital Marketing metric for this is a conversion rate. According to Wordstream, the average conversion rate in Google Ads across industry is 4.4% on the search network in 2023. We can use that number as our target.

Once you already have a set goal, then the big question is how to convert the visitor who came from Google Search Ads and SEO marketing into leads? 



If you are curious how to do SEO marketing, you can refer to our digital strategy page that is specifically designed to help eCommerce and start-up businesses.



Here’s top 4 tips to optimize your landing page

#1. Keep the Clean Look

We get it, as we are working as a Digital Marketing Agency, we have seen how everyone wants to show everything at once. We know you’re passionate about your products/services and want your visitors to share the same feeling after reading everything.

However, according to Stanford’s Web Credibility Research, 75% of people assess and trust a brand based on its website’s appearance. This aligns with how minimalist designs actually encourage engagement and organic traffic by capturing users’ attention with clean layouts and compelling visuals. 



A clean look also optimizes the website’s loading speed, making it friendlier to the mobile users, lowering bounce rate, improving your business credibility, and encouraging the visitors to engage longer; all in all maximizing that conversion rate numbers.



If you’re still unsure how to count these metrics, a reliable Google Ads agency can conduct in-depth analyses to identify which aspects of your campaign are contributing to a high cost per conversion. With their help, you can optimize your ad copy, landing pages, and targeting to bring this metric down and improve your overall campaign performance

#2. Focus on Important Things

Since we talked about cleaning the UI/UX, we need to focus on what’s important for the potential customers. Imagine the visitors are clicking the landing page that they found thanks to your SEO marketing; they typed a specific keyword and your landing page appears on the first page so they trust it and click it, hoping to get what they want.

Your landing page needs to show their expectation. Starting from a clear, relevant headline, an easily-understandable value proposition, a triggering call-to-action, and an optimized form or button to be clicked.





Once your visitors understand the whole landing page, it will be much easier for them to understand how their needs are connected with your products/services and turn them into your hot leads. 

It’s important to keep in mind that various industries require different strategies, including ad campaigns. Therefore, it’s crucial to stay up-to-date with the latest digital marketing trends and continuously test out the most appropriate campaign strategies for your business. Another option is to consider partnering with a Google Ads agency to help you better measure your ad performance, identify strategies to reduce your cost per click, and maintain the quality and relevance of your ads

#3. Relevancy is the Key 

Now you ask, how to connect the needs of your visitors with your products/services? The secret lies in the relevancy. Speaking as an experienced Digital Marketing Agency, especially for eCommerce and start-up business, we understand that relevance is important. That is also why we have this article for you.



Anyway, here is an example. Food is only relevant if you’re feeling hungry. Meat-based food is only relevant if you’re not a vegetarian. Grade A5 Wagyu beef is only relevant if you have disposable income to purchase one. Make your services/products and offers as clear as day according to your visitors expectations.

#4. Make Them Trust Your CTA

CTA or Call-to-Action is the unsung hero of an optimized landing page. Maybe they are not as shiny as your service/product features and limited offers you’re displaying, but it’s there for one job: to give your visitors a red carpet toward conversion and placing their confidence in your business.Here are a few strategies to improve your CTR:

Therefore, it is very important to have only one CTA in your landing page. Make it very clear and keep your promises. For example, if you’re offering a free trial to your product then it needs to say so. If you want them to fill their information in the next page or popped-up form, then make it clear for your visitor.

Remember, just like how your business does not want to partner with a high-risk, suspicious digital marketing agency, your customers would not want to give their valuable time and money if they don’t trust your business too; especially if you are just starting up.

And as an experienced eCommerce Digital Marketing Agency with global presence, Arbi Click always gets your back to get your jobs done.

Digital Ads Agency

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